Archaeological Museum of Karpathos

In the old Italian building of the Eparcheio in Pigadia, the Archaeological Museum of Karpathos showcases findings from the island’s four ancient cities, Karpathos, Nisyros, Vrokounda and Arkesia, as well as prehistoric Minoan and Mycenaean finds from various excavations around the island. The Museum also features an exhibition of Byzantine relics from churches and villages of Karpathos. 

Folklore Museum of Menetes

In the village of Menetes, a short 8 km from the capital Pigadia, one can admire a colourful traditional settlement, and the Folklore Museum displaying significant historic and ecclesiastic artefacts, as well as a representation of traditional daily living in Karpathos. 

Agricultural Museum of Pyles

Get a close-up look to daily agricultural habits of the past in this unique museum that showcases authentic elements of traditional farming such as a wine-press, a windmill, a threshing floor and an actual animal farm. The museum is accessible to people with reduced mobility. 

Museum of Arkassa

Archaeological findings from the ancient citadel of Arkassa, one of Karpathos’ three ancient cities and the neighbouring Byzantine church of Agia Sophia can be seen at the Folklore and Archaeological Museum of Arkassa, together with a small exhibition of folklore items. 

Church of Agios Mammas

The unique architectural design of this Byzantine church and its exquisite murals dating back to the 13th century make it an intriguing attraction for all visitors of Kaprathos seeking to experience this unique island to its core. The church of Agios Mammas is located just outside the village of Menetes, on the way to Arkassa.

Caves of Karpathos

Karpathos rugged beauty also features several impressive caves. The most famous are the cave of Poseidon, in the coastal area of Pigadia, the cavernous church of Agios Ioannis near Vroukounda and the cave of Achata, but there are so many more to discover!

Church of Agios Georgios – Lefkos

This quaint Byzantine chapel is found at Lefkos, and it is an amazing spot to admire sea views and a beautiful natural landscape. 

Church of Agios Loukas

Another admirable cavernous church of Karpathos, the church of Agios Loukas at Apella was initially a shelter for the local inhabitants against pirate attacks, and the century-old frescoes are an interesting sample of both historic and ecclesiastical heritage of Karpathos.

Information Centre of the Protected Areas

Dedicated to the protection of the natural and marine environment, and particularly the local Monachus monachus seal population, the information centre at Diafani hosts an exemplary photographic exhibition, educational activities and environmental education material.